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Yeshuans is a platform promoting individuals who seek faith and love in their personal ministries.

Yeshuan Ministries

Open Forum Discussion

with Grady Risley

Sundays 1:30PM MT

Grady Risley opens his Zoom Room for an Open Discussion about past teachings offered by Yeshuans and The Great News Network, or anything theological!

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Grady will be on zoom each Sunday afternoon at 1:30 PM MT. To join the zoom meeting at that time, click the button below!

R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. Open Forum Bible Study

with Grady Risley

Join Grady Risley on Thursday afternoons at 2PM MT as he navigates the depths of scripture with wisdom and clarity. In each session of the R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. Open Forum Bible Study, Grady invites attendees to explore the truths of the Bible in context, delving into prophecy, eschatology, and the historical context of Israel's journey.
Whether you're a seasoned scholar or a curious seeker, these Bible study sessions are designed to ignite curiosity, discussion, deepen your understanding of scripture, and strengthen your faith. All are welcome to tune in!

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Grady will be on zoom each Thursday afternoon at 2PM MT. To join the zoom meeting at that time, click the button below!

Don't Get Divorced

A Structured & Faith-Oriented Mentorship Program with Shawn Aaron McCraney

Shawn McCraney is a co-founder of Yeshuan.Faith and founder of The Great News Network. He is a father of three, a father-in-law to two, and a grandfather to three. Shawn has been married to Mary Marguerite (DuBose) for almost forty years. Shawn has sat with hundreds of people (and dozens of couples) mentoring them on Christian living and marriage. Shawn lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and mentors via remote access along with face-to-face encounters. He also facilitates two annual weekend (Fri-Sat) retreats a year – one free and one paid.
Shawn's “Marriage Mentoring Approach” (MMA) is restricted and only offered exclusively to couples of faith who have had children together.

Pulling from his extensive knowledge of substantive biblical principles, Shawn has a no-holds barred approach to marital reconciliation, and is equipped at helping ameliorate the devastation caused by extra-marital affairs, substance abuse, physical addictions, financial mismanagement, debt resolution, compatibility problems and parenting disputes.

He believes that certain principles, established by God in His creation of the human race go a long way in solving most issues that typically serve to destroy marriages today. He expects you to do do your homework (explained later).

Check My Church

with Sarah Young

A Christian watchdog and discernment ministry that investigates and examines local churches and ministries.

Sarah is a sharp and keen discerner of the misapplication of religious authority in the age of fulfillment. She gives believers and honest review of her witness of churches and their approach to finances, leadership, coercion, manipulation and abuse.

Check out Sarah's reviews at

Talking to Mormons

with Danny Larsen

A source for anyone wanting to learn more about Mormonism and Christianity.

Danny Larsen is an incredibly wise and well-read former Mormon who has come to know a deep relationship with our Lord. With his robust knowledge of both Mormonism and Christianity, he brings forth poignant teachings through animated video demonstrations to help clarify the similarities and differences between the two, helping individuals to navigate their interpersonal conflict with their friends, family and neighbors as they explore their spirituality.

Women Seeking Love In Faith

with Margo Hope

Join Margo as she appeals to women of faith about their search for love. Margo wants to let you know: I am a believer in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, Savior and Redeemer, a Yeshuan. My belief in Him began at age eight when I was baptized by Mormons. My belief in Him as Christ has matured through my life which included leaving mormonism, investigating new age philosophy, catholicism, protestantism, evangelicalism, and now Fulfillment. My belief now is that Christ was crucified, overcame death, resurrected, completely reconciled all humanity to His Father, and then returned around 70 A.D. to take His Bride to Heaven to begin the New Jerusalem. My knowing, through daily Bible reading, contemplative prayer/worship with the powerful Holy Spirit, is that Jesus Christ, Yeshua, is God! I love Him and can never re-pay Him for His sacrifice or for my life. He is so good!!

B.R.I.C.K.S. and My2Cents

with Grady Risley

Welcome to the complete series of B.R.I.C.K.S.: Biblical Revelations in Christ's Kingdom hosted by Grady! Dive into an enriching journey of spiritual exploration as Grady unpacks fundamental biblical truths in short explanatory videos.


with Adnan Albeitawi and Grady Risley

Join Adnan and Grady Risley, two incredibly well-read and studied men who have co-founded Yeshuans, as they openly discuss their thoughts and research into YAHAVA, Yeshua, The Bible, religion today and everything in between.

So much can be gleaned from observing a conversation between these men. We encourage you to take a listen and engage with them in the YouTube comments!

About Yeshuans

An Introduction

Welcome to Yeshuans, the Community Ministries branch of The Great News Netowrk. Our platform brings you content in the age of fulfillment from individuals dedicated to seeking YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth. We are here to offer a space and way for people to share insights and support one another's personal pursuit of knowledge of YAHAVA and Yeshua in the way the Spirit leads.

At Yeshuans, we find faith to be purely about about the freedom and love found in Yeshua. We want to empower individuals to explore their beliefs without pressure or judgment. Whether you're a scholar or just curious, you're welcome to join us on this journey.

Watch a video below from co-founders Shawn McCraney and Delaney McCraney.

What is a Yeshuan?

Yeshuans are characterized by two actions... faith and agape love. Yeshuans are seekers of YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth. They are guided by only the Spirit that produces faith and agape love. Yeshuan.Faith is a collective effort by truth-seeking individuals who prioritize seeking YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth before all histories, traditions, and cultures that shape modern Christianity. No matter who you are, or what doctrine you follow, if you seek YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth we welcome you as a Yeshuan.

The History of Yeshuans

Yeshuans organically congealed when a small group of disciples of Christ the King got to know each other online and realized that they shared similar views on what is traditionally called Christianity.

Mutually understanding the dissonance between the original intention of Christianity, and whit it represents today these nine souls – Kathy Maggie, Adnan Albeitawai, Grady Risely, Sarah Young, Delaney McCraney, Michael Lake, and Mary and Shawn McCraney – decided to form an organization that offers an alternative approach they hope to share with the world.

This approach (not church, not doctrine, not religion, not dogma) is founded on a fulfilled view of scripture, subjective faith, the Spirit and its fruit being primary (instead of recorded scripture) and the complete end of material religion.

Yeshuan’s have no doctrine other than faith and love and the liberty to believe and live as each individual desires.

An Expanded Characterization of Yeshuans: The Foundation of this Distinct Approach to Faith

Definition of a Yeshuan

As stated before, the definition of a Yeshuan is simple. Yeshuans are individuals (not collectives or groups), irrespective of religion, doctrine, dogma or belief who seek YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth.

The Yeshuan Approach

By this definition, Yeshuans are responsible to YAHAVA on their own, and will be inherently characterized by two thing: faith and love.

While Yeshuans place their faith on the finished work of Yeshua, they will try to promote and practice first and foremost selfless, sacrificial, insufferable love toward all people, all the time, and in every place as empowered by Him. The title is open to individuals of all religious, races, colors, creeds, genders, doctrines and lifestyles. To be a Yeshuan is to insist all people have the right to believe and live how they choose and that they should be received with unconditional love irrespective of their choices.

Effects of The Yeshuan Approach

With an exceedingly inclusive and open definition, and a prioritization of faith and love, there are some common effects of the Yeshuan Approach. Being a Yeshuan inherently comes with zero material or spiritual obligation. The Yeshuan title inherently disregards all claims to authority. Yeshuans approach one YAHAVA (and one another) in genuine humility rather than warring against flesh and blood.

Any material applications of Christianity that have been imposed on the world in the name of “Jesus Christ” are not related or incorporated into the definition or characterization of a Yeshuan. Yeshuans may associate with these material applications individually and subjectively, but it is in no way related to their identity as a Yeshuan. These applications include, but are not limited to, all brick and mortar religious empires, authority of Man to speak on behalf of God, religious tradition, any demand for money, any claims of religious discipline, and/or any political activities, allegiances, party affiliations or platforms that borrow from, use, or appeal to the name (or cause) of God, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Christ, or Christianity.

A Yeshuan's Use of the Bible

We acknowledge that the notion, characterization, and intention of YAHAVA and Yeshua are deeply rooted in Biblical text. That to understand YAHAVA or Yeshuan in more in depth, that this text is monumental and critical. We acknowledge that the Yeshuan Approach is originated and grounded in the text itself. We appeal to it. We study it. We learn from it.

However, as fervently as we admit that the the Biblical text can only be understood subjectively and that the seeker's intention toward YAHAVA will always take priority over all doctrinal interpretations. Meaning, in the Yeshuan Approach, one's interpretation of the Bible (i.e. one's perspective on doctrines such as eschatology, Trinity, eternal punishment, and modern religious practices) is second in priority to their general intention to seek YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth.

The Yeshuan Challenge

Are you unsure if you are a Yeshuan? We encourage you to take the Yeshuan Challenge!

Step 1: Read our free commentary on the Gospel of John. To download it, click the button below​

Step 2: Contact us for a short 10 question survey to let you know if your perspective aligns with our approach.

Do you want to join the Yeshuans Platform?

We are on the lookout for individuals who are on board with and relate to our mission. If you find faith and love to be the essentials, and create any form of work of your own (content, writing, art, service, etc.), we would love to promote your work through the Yeshuans Community Ministries Platform. Please let us know through the form below!

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