Exodus 2 Verse by Verse Teaching

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  1. Great teachings! I especially appreciated two interconnected statements from Shawn.
    #1: It’s the heart that is being examined by God so let’s discard the beliefs in words with magical force. And yet, #2: be accurate as much as we could, particularly if there was a related request from God to know the name and make it known.

    The last one of Danny’s comments impels me to remark, too.
    Abortion is a form of killing, I get it, but as such there is nothing new under the sun. “We” (Who? random fellow human beings regardless of religious background, and yes, even true God-believers, or ones who would or are about to become God’s children) are doing it, “employing” it throughout world history. Then why is that “special treatment” for it as a sin nowadays? I suppose this is being fueled mainly by the political catchphrase “pro-life”. I don’t go into it now, but I suggest that this latter term should be scrutinized by believers with utmost care.

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