Exodus 7-12 Verse by Verse Teaching


  1. I liked the verbal overlap, when one buzzword that was on your lips all of a sudden faded into another. Signs … Science. This duo shall be nominated for the positions of most wanted boogiemen or tempters of a believer, don’t you think?

    And another point. Two verses really drew my attention, especially in light of the fact that the nation of Israel didn’t really prove to be law-abiding during the covenant with Yahavah.
    It’s 12:28 (“the people of Israel went and did so”) and 12:50 (“All the people of Israel did just as the Lord commanded”). Wow! Don’t they sound like hyperboles? Allegedly, they were perfectly obedient to the brand new complex rules of the Passover. Yeah, the stakes were higher than usual: their deliverance was within arm’s reach, the Egyptians should be punished etc. But how come they could obey in unison (solemnly)? Or were they deeply impacted and amazed by the consecutive plagues their God inflicted on the Egyptians?

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