John 1:39

PO As mentioned, “the Word” is an English translation of the Greek term, logos (law-gos, not low-gos). In its most basic form it means, something said. In a larger application logos includes reason, intent, computation, and some suggest mind, heart, will and essence. It is vital to see this term as it was intended – describing what was in the beginning (words) and to describe what it became (flesh). The flesh was not in the beginning, the Word of YAHAVAH was in the beginning. This Word was uncreated, eternal but not flesh and not a person (contrary to the man-made teachings called, the Trinity). John plainly tells us what this Word was in the beginning in the languages that follows, and He calls the Word, without any hesitation, God.

He said to them, Come and see.73 They came and saw where he dwelt,74 and stayed with him that day for it was about the tenth hour.75

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