December 19 Bible Study

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Yeshuan Leader:


  1. Interesting observation in this lesson!
    The group which had privileged connection to Yahavah had clear roadmaps, itineraries, if-then-else statements as instructions. I guess each of the members had to have individual leeway to make autonomous decisions and most of them went astray choosing unruly routes. Ultimately, again and again, they failed as a whole and had to be held accountable collectively with expectable punishments.
    I was musing on a comparison: what about today’s ostensibly secluded tracks of human beings? Even from a believer’s perspective, the background and the meaning of our hardships or vicissitudes seems to be equivocal. Face values are shaky or completely missing at first. Likewise, often only the future could shine a light on the real nature of our spiritual interferences with others. We’re able to recognize unreasonable events as blessed interventions just in hindsight. So we can rely on an inner Prompter, but we can’t get plain answers about the outcomes right away. What simple and strict observance represented among the nation of Israel is now being replaced by unwavering trust in the uncertain consequences of being guided by the Spirit. A basic level of rewards is already granted for everyone, upper ones are still to come in unique configurations for individuals here on Earth and probably in more of a similar fashion in the afterlife.
    However, not all of the believers notice this pivotal difference rooted chiefly in eschatology. Different yardsticks may imply different mindsets. Hopefully, God-seekers could avoid unnecessary bondages sooner or later.

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