My2Cents Episode 2

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  1. A fitting concise format for scriptural wisecracks. I missed a crystal ball or a magic wand from the intro meme;-) Actually, you crafted a well-thought-out cover design. A great tongue-in-cheek brand for a self-deprecating oracle.

  2. You must lay awake at night thinking of these things I just got your thoughts on unclean I bet it insults a lot of Christians when you say Jesus is unclean. Not a good way to make friends keep up the good work my brother and God bless

    • Hello Charlie! I think the hallmark of Christians shouldn’t be that they become resentful and indignant at their brethren’s views about the life of Jesus. I don’t think anyone should worry until Jesus’ divine background and his key role played in the story of the great news is questioned in an interpretation. Check out the teaching on The Ten Words, it speaks about what really matters, also performed by Grady.
      Regrettably, today, a workplace environment tends to identify some people as Christians based on the crosses they wear as a necklace, the habit of going to church, their formal religious affiliation or their unsolicited preaching—instead of receiving various and unexpected manifestations of their love. Then, based on the latest humanist recipe of PC, the colleagues will try to take care of their sensibilities, to prevent them from getting tactless remarks with his faith in God, so that they don’t feel “persecuted” for their religion. That is, the secular side serves others with civility and pleasantries as special treatment, while the “Christian” one has done nothing to arouse interest or affection for God, but became isolated as a hard-to-reach freak.
      Have a good and blessed day!

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