YAHAVA Talk Episode 5

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Yeshuan Leader:


  1. Well-put insights!
    We definitely have the precious Cross as a concept, a reminder in our minds, a geometrical manifestation of an important idea from the story of becoming the Savior. But crucifixes (based on which it’s again an opportunity for culturalist and identity politics to wage war), a novelty cross as a relic, serial figurines of Virgin Mary, saints of churches, nativity scenes, rosaries, home altars are more of knick-knacks, trinkets with some unnoticed added belief in amulets, talismans. I get it, we humans feel the need to make supernatural forces visible and palpable. But these representations are more of superstitious objects.
    And the societal battlefields of the world consist of denominational conflicts as well. Our chosen accessories and ritual peculiarities operate as cultural semiotics: as earmarks and gang signs to differentiate us from others. It’s like the open carry of a cultural firearm. We like to have specific guns or banners of tribes with us…

    Likewise, the addiction-like scheduled patterns of Bible-reading or praying are in actuality deals we did with ourselves. Or even when we want to obsessively prioritize certain Bible passages and marking others as less important just like in a civil code.

    Instead, as mature children of Yahavah we need to reach a point where it is a surpassable temptation to lean on or hold dear earthly ties, imageries, features, schemes.

    Long story short, as you said the state of the heart is crucial and conclusive, because “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Mt 6:21). God bless you all and let the Spirit reign over your hearts!

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