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My name is Adnan Albeitawi, I have undeservingly been blessed with a loving, supportive wife, and two young boys. Growing up, my siblings and I never went to any kind of church or practiced any type of religion. If you asked my mother and father what their religion was, she would say “Catholic” and he would say “Islam,” however neither practiced their religion with any level of seriousness at all; it was simply a label they wore and presented only when asked. If you were to ask what I believed while growing up, I would have very likely said I was agnostic and didn’t really believe in anything, nor really care about that kind of stuff.

... In my late teens I had a couple random encounters with Christians, but it really didn’t yield any fruit in me at the time. It wasn’t until I was about 20-21 years old, that I became increasingly curious about religion. Specifically, I was curious about what the bible could possibly say that makes it inspire so much religious zeal, life-altering change, and even fanaticism in so many people. So I decided I was going to get my hands on a bible; but I didn’t buy one, I was working at a hotel at the time and decided I could just steal one of the many bibles the hotel kept… (you know, those King James bibles that used to be in the nightstand next to the bed of any hotel you ever went to). I unintentionally began my journey to seek and know YAHAVAH and His Christ. This journey would take me to all kinds of churches, from small dogmatic churches, to large mega-churches that were all about “feeling good.” I’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly that can go on, and even be taught, in the many churches that I went to. I have met many christians along the way, including one that I have to mention: Johnny Stevenson; an elder Christian who I met while I was a babe in Christ, and when my faith was at its most fragile. Through his actions, he showed me true Christian Love, Humility, and Patience. Looking back on his influence in my life, I realized that any babe in Christ can read about the love of Christ, but it isn’t until the babe experiences the unconditional Love of Christ through actions that the babe will truly know the power and meaning of Christ’s words. Anyways, many wasted years went by, my faith stagnated to the point of rotting… and then I met the woman that would soon be my wife. We grew up complete opposites, she came from a very loving, God-centered, Christian home, and she couldn’t wait to be married, whereas I hated the idea of marriage and never wanted kids. (probably because my parents were not great examples of what marriage should look like.) But after meeting her, something in me changed. I felt a sort of revival of my hunger to want to know God. (A part of me was likely motivated by my stubbornness to be taken seriously as a Christian when I was around my future wife’s family, but that was not the only change…) I suddenly adored the idea of marriage, and sought to one day be a father. These responsibilities, which I happily took on, only motivated me further to want to know and seek YAHAVAH. It eventually became a core belief for me that the father of the home should be the spiritual leader of the home, setting the foundation of faith and love in Christ for the children, at least until the children grow up and can take on the responsibility of seeking YAHAVAH for themselves, liberating themselves from all people who act as “middle-men” between them and God, which includes me, their dad. I would love that all men and women would choose this liberty, and seek to know YAHAVAH directly; but this is especially my greatest desire for my kids.