November 14 Bible Study

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  1. These findings and assertions convince me that there is nothing new under the sun, human beings s*ck (past, present and future). Not as mankind (which is more of a political dimension) but especially individually. The nation of Israel became chosen in order to serve for posterity not as a cautionary tale, but more of as a MIRROR. They are like a familiar neighborhood around us. We’re only human, sooner or later each of us go astray to a lesser or greater extent. And it amounts to the commonplace morass characterizing each “earthling”.

    In this regard Anti-Semitic notions which employ some stereotypes of behavior are equivalent to hating certain weaknesses, character flaws or awkward appearances of OURS in others. But why to single out and pillory any specific type of self-indulgence? Moreover, to a Christ-seeker in particular this is nothing else than being forgetful about and oblivious to Jn 4:22 (“salvation is from the Jews”). The fact of the matter is that we are all licentious in a broader sense one way or another, period.

    • I think you’re right in a lot of ways (personally). I think anybody who looks down on the “israelites” is being nieuve. The truth is most of us look to and assign special “spiritual” meaning to THINGS. That is by definition idolitry, whether it’s a person, pace, thing or idea. Any spiritual recognition given to a thing, robbs Yahavah. I don’t know whether we’re thinking along the same lines or not but let me know what you think. Thanks brother.

      • I think we revolve around the same lighthouse.
        I stressed the human tendency to detest errors in others, especially those that we’re inclined to commit, too. Or errors that require some specific skills that we don’t really have, so this fact itself arouses envy in us as well. (I guess these are just inferences from Mt 7:3 when we “see the speck that is in our brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in our own eye”.) Then we’re subconsciously glad when we find some collective stereotypes made of these errors and we feel ourselves being “aided” by those derogatory labels carried by a group of people in particular. Because now we could pass the buck and project our downsides on to strangers who are being characterized by these peccabilities. And behind this smokescreen we don’t need to deal with our own issues.
        And one of these issues is exactly what you’ve highlighted. There is a wide range of idolatry that we practice unbeknownst to us. For example, at this moment I’m trying to dissect and expound this topic in a brainy fashion;) I’m making a momentary idol out of “delving deeper into the matter” which gives me some sort of intellectual satisfaction. And this activity renders me a poor substitute for feeling the Spirit in me in action which is always a splendid and uplifting experience.
        Thank you, Brother Grady, for your feedback. God willing, I wish we had a more idol-free week with less invisible logs in our eyes!

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