Bible Study Introduction

Join us for an open zoom meeting! We will begin meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings to openly converse and discuss and question with one another. We will refer to the Word together to try and answer any and all questions we each have. This study is open to all beliefs and all individuals, whether they are a member of Yeshuans or not. Feel free to share with a friend, but let’s make it a priority to join in the spirit of faith and love.

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  1. Hey Grady, can I propose and vote for a recorded version? Your starting time means 3:30 AM here. “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak”… I know, I deserve facepalm, too;)

  2. Absolutely! I the talks are going to be posted and we are recording them just fir that reason. It’s been hecktick so we haven’t gotten it up yet but they are certainly going to be posted. Thanks and looking forward to your input and insights.

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