YAHAVA Talk Episode 1

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Yeshuan Leader:


  1. Thank you, the discussion rang so many bells in me.
    Christianity was just my cultural garment as a child, a formal affiliation to Catholicism and a familial baggage with some general ethical teachings. Maybe these ones could serve as germs of faith much later. (So I wouldn’t downplay them. They were advantages but being insufficient in themselves.)
    Then I really needed those impressive personal examples of others to resuscitate my dormant faith and then nurture and nurse it by degrees. I could testify along with Adnan that my “faith came from hearing” and experiencing (Rom 10:17). Likewise, if you regurgitated milk, it would go bad or turn into a shake: a confusing mixture with sugar. It’s more alluring, quick to be swallowed, but to be stomached and processed, well…
    Indeed, we should relinquish head knowledge for the sake of heart knowledge. As we shall long for a warm heart and a cool mind, and never the reverse.

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