YAHAVA Talk Episode 2

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  1. I experienced, too, when becoming touched, drawing near is an incremental, stepwise process. I would recall gentle promptings and whiffs of the Spirit as the most faith-promoting factor instead of overbearing and resounding stump speeches by self-proclaimed preachers. And yes, it mostly works in close, interpersonal relationships.
    The patient and loving concentration on someone’s being and her/his thoughts is a huge and rewarding investment for both of us. I would liken it to the way of listening to a father figure or a true sage: with willful discipline, self-restraint, meekness. I’ve already been both “drain and source” of a mindful, empathetically attentive attitude which is a tried-and-true method, indeed. And in an upgraded level smart and short chime-ins, well-put and customized information could really enhance the recipient’s own truth-seeking quest.
    Thank you for your inspiring exchange.

    • My brother Aron, Reading your beautifully written comment only solidified your point of enhancing one’s truth-seeking quest from smart and short chime-ins.
      It was very encouraging for me to read that you had a similar experience in your faith-walk that I did with the interpersonal relationships i had from mature, loving, Christians, while i was still a babe in the faith.
      Although it isn’t everyone’s experience, I think it is incredibly beneficial for those young in the faith, to not only hear about Yeshua’s life, but to see his life in the actions of mature Christians. One can never know the tree is good until they taste of its fruit.

      • Dear Adnan, let me bid up some unconventional paragons of life.
        Agape Love sometimes radiates from the continual body of work of people in helping professions. I also like when I could get fascinated by a fellow believer who belongs to a denomination or a religion that I tend to have reservations about. What a conducive way to dismantle my prejudices! And I have to tell you that Christ-like behavior could also be seen in extraordinary and one-and-done gestures of even outspoken atheists. Then, right away I become more and more curious about Yahavah who delivers messages when least expected.
        I’ve just heard back from an elderly friend of mine who had a successful open-heart surgery a week ago. He voiced his deep-seated discontent with the past and the present of the world, finishing with this: “I don’t believe in God and I say it proudly, because accordingly, at least I’m not mad at him.”
        Well, I know this could be explained as stark indifference, with a purposeful zero waste of his emotions. And yet I choose to interpret it as a modicum of subconsciously expressed care about that specter which happened to be called “him”. According to the speaker’s cultural vocabulary this shall be labeled as a Freudian slip—although he wouldn’t admit the veracity of this explanation. Nevertheless, I dare to see Yahavah’s “wink-wink” between the lines.
        I’m echoing your concluding sentence: measure the hearts by their fruits!

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