YAHAVA Talk Episode 3

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  1. 3 quick comments.

    The well-known (civil) laws in a society could very well shape people’s minds by presenting a cognitive pattern about what is allowed and what is not—with focusing on mainly the pretty stern boundaries, frames, outlines. So there is nothing surprising in the consequence: people will settle for seemingly reasonable “border patrols” as technical control. Slowly but surely, the “border incidents” will determine the common understanding about the law. And regrettably, we would fail to mind and actually understand the inside stuff…

    Joining Adnan’s point: in my mind laws were given to serve as touchstones which would indicate the deeds where the divine harmony (or in hindsight of comprehension: the Spirit) was not with them. Laws could have been used as a means to remind people that without Yahavah they screw up and run to the wall.

    And an analogical support of the transitions of the two ages of faith and existence:
    The history of science could be described as the history of scientific paradigms. Each of the latter had a ruling period. The decline always started with perceptions of anomalies, dysfunctions, “derailments”. Prophets appear, question the validity of the reigning paradigm, point out the challenges and the symptoms of a crisis. Prophets are also the precursors, outposts and forecasters of the new paradigm. Then a new structure, a new economy, a new perspective, a new way of thinking would come and prevail.

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